Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Wouldn't it be nice if your kids came with a manual filled with instructions for every stage through adolescence? Unfortunately, they don't.

When your children were little you were the managers of their lives. You scheduled play dates and doctor's appointments, drove them to school, sports, and friend's houses.

As they entered middle school you started to see a change. Now instead of welcoming you to help in their classroom they're asking you to drop them off several blocks from the bus stop, too embarassed to be seen with mom or dad.

As children enter adolescence everything changes in their lives both physically and mentally. They literally become a new person. Things don't come as easy as they once did and life becomes complex.

They are now faced with making decisions that can impact the rest of their lives - and they know it. A part of them is thrilled to be growing up while the other part of them wants to be a kid again.

But there's no turning back. At this point, if we continue our role as managers in our teen's life we will be met with great resistance. Teens need to become the managers of their own lives. They still want and need us there but they don't want us managing their lives for them.

We've heard parents say:

"My daughter feels like a complete stranger to me" ... "It feels like my son is in control of our household" ... "I am tired of the constant conflict" ... "My family is stuck in a rut and I'm worried there's no way out."

Parents are tired of living under stress, fear, and constant worry over the people they love most - their kids.

So what's the answer? What can you do to help your pre-teen or teen?

We believe teens need a good, caring, loving coach who can help guide them through this most difficult time in their lives. You can hire a coach for your teen or you can learn to become your teen's coach.

Sports teams hire coaches to give their players instruction and direction. Individuals hire life coaches to help them determine and achieve their personal goals. Companies hire coaches to help generate new business ideas and to increase profits.

So we decided, "Why not bring coaching to families?" After all, most people consider family to be the single-most important thing in their lives.

So if you are:

· Frustrated with your child's negative behavior
· Tired of the conflict, disruption, and despair
· Exhausted in your attempts to create a more fulfilling relationship with your kids or grown child
· Worried your teen or young adult lacks direction for his or her future
· Are stuck in a rut

Coaching may be just what you need.

Coach your teen

While you can hire a coach to help your teen who is struggling in school or having a tough time making the right decisions for his or her life, you can also learn to become your teen's coach - who better for the job than his or her own parent? You can learn - we can help.

We have witnessed great results when parents learned to tap into their own intuition and learned the tools to coach their own teens. The rewards to both parent and teen are invaluable.

Family coaching

Positive Family Solutions™ has developed coaching programs to bring hope to families!

Coach Your Teen: Become your teen's personal coach
Coaching for Teens: Where do I go from here? Coaching teens for life
Divorce: It doesn't have to be ugly
Blended Families: Help for those that aren't blending so well
Empty-Nesters: Your kids have moved on - realize your dreams and achieve your goals
We can train you to be your TEEN’S coach!

IMAGINE what life would be like at home if you had the skills to coach your pre-teen or teen through one of the most complex times in his or her life? By learning to become your teen’s coach you will not only discover how to guide your teen through this most difficult time, you will also build a strong and lasting relationship.

With the support of a skilled coach families can coexist in an environment rooted in trust, support, respect, and understanding - an environment free of punishment and undeserved guilt.

Are you ready to finally get the peace your deserve?

So, what are you waiting for?

Positive Family Solutions™ is dedicated to bringing HOPE to families! Call today for a no-charge consultation! We provide convenient one-on-one telephone coaching, in-person coaching, and workshops.

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